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LE 38 T-Bar

LE 38 T-Bar
LE 38 T-BarLE 38 T-BarLE 38 T-Bar
$2,794.95 each

The L.E. T-Bar is the main reason the Limited Edition Foil has been so successful over the years. The T-bar is made with an even higher grade 7000 series aircraft quality aluminum, and its one solid piece. This means it has unparalleled strength & performance characteristics! With no joint at the strut-fuselage junction, and due to the fact that the 7000 series aluminum is so much stronger than the 6000 series, and with much better memory characteristics too, we are able to make the L.E. T-bar much slimmer, which reduces drag. Reducing drag makes the foil release from the water quicker & easier, increasing your "pop" significantly. It also has quicker "re-flight" upon landing, which will make those combo tricks much easier! The LE T-bar has a "wet strut length" of 37".

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