Sky Ski Pro SS Seat Belt Swivels by Sky Ski 20-1300.. Product #: SkySkiProSSSeatBeltSwivels based on 0 reviews Regular price: $126.50 $126.50

Pro SS Seat Belt Swivels by Sky Ski

Weight: 2.00lb

Price: $126.50

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These are the standard seat belt swivels with mounting bracket. The mounting brackets bolt to your seat tower in place of the footman loops using the same 4 bolts that previously held the footman loops on and has 3 locations to mount the swivels on them. This swivel kit includes 2x belt loops, 2x swivel mounts w/ nylon bushing, 2x mounting bracket, 2 5/16" x .25" FHCS SS bolts. This swivel set will also bolt up to an older plastic air chair seat tower without modification, and a newer aluminum air chair seat tower with slight modification. Bracket mounting bolts not included, must be purchased separately if needed.

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