Sky Ski Pro SS Board by Sky Ski 30-0110.. Product #: SkySkiProSSBoard based on 0 reviews Regular price: $819.50 $819.50

Pro SS Board by Sky Ski

Weight: 20.00lb

Price: $819.50

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The all new Pro SS Board has a new shape for 2010! Same great look, but stronger in the tail where we need it, lighter in the tip to make it easier to ride and less swing weight in the air. The bottom surface has been flattened out from side rail to side rail to make it release from the water much easier, and it doesn't throw up as much spray either. This board is made with a high density closed-cell foam core and premium fiberglass materials, then compression molded for optimum strength, durability & performance.

* Boards come complete with bindings & foot pads.

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