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Matrix C3 Lightweight Board

Weight: 20.00lb

Price: $1,865.59

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You've been waiting for it, and its finally here: The all new Super Lightweight Sky Ski board; the Matrix C3.

This is the next Generation of Lightweight boards brought to you by Comptech Marine / Sky Ski. In 2004 Sky Ski pioneered an Asymmetrical Rear Weight Biased Laminate Schedule that would provide strength where you need it, while eliminating weight where its not needed, drastically reducing the swing weight of the board while in the air. This laminate schedule alone has allowed our production boards to come down from over 14 lbs to under 11 lbs.

The Matrix C3 utilizes this very same Asymmetrical Laminate schedule including Carbon Fiber and other all new cutting edge materials used in Formula 1 Race cars combined with Comptech Marine's all new Featherlite Core Technology to give you an event winning board.

The Matrix C3 Board is the culmination of over 2 years of successful research and development, sourcing innovative materials, experimenting with different methods of contsruction & prototyping boards. With team riders seeing over 12 months of solid, hard riding without failures has allowed us to go into production of the absolute lightest, strongest board available today.

Weighing in at a mere 7.5 lbs this Sky Ski board is so tough & light it'll make NASA envious!

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