Sky Ski Pro Series Foil Assembly 40-0100.. Product #: SkySkiProSSSTFoilAssembly based on 0 reviews Regular price: $1,061.50 $1,061.50

Pro Series Foil Assembly

Weight: 25.00lb

Price: $1,061.50

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The 6061 Billet aluminum foil is made with strength, durability, performance and ease of use all in mind. Constructed out of aircraft quality billet aluminum, it's equipped with the traditionally stable "flat front" & "flat rear" wings, ("flat" refers to the trailing edge of the wing being either "flat"(straight), or "bat"(curved)). The T-bar starts out as 2 pieces and is joined together via a "mortise & tenon" type joint, and then bolted together. It is then polished to a deep shine, when its done it looks like a mirror! The "wet strut length" is 29.5" making it easy to learn on and advance on as well.

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