Sky Ski Sky Ski Launch Foil Assembly 40-0900M.. Product #: SkySkiLaunchFoilAssembly based on 0 reviews Regular price: $2,007.50 $2,007.50

Sky Ski Launch Foil Assembly

Weight: 15.00lb

Price: $2,007.50

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If you have BIG AIR in mind, then this is the foil for you. With almost a full 10" longer strut than the Pro SS, as well as the Limited Edition "Max-Air" front wing, this foil will launch you right into the stratosphere! The Launch strut is drilled with multiple holes in the top of the strut so that when used with the Rock or Evolution Towers it can be slid further up into the tower to effectively shorten the height of the foil when riding. Can be ridden at 39", 37.5", or 36".

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