Sky Ski Aero 41 T-bar 41-0515.. Product #: SkySkiRSAero41TBar based on 0 reviews Regular price: $4,174.50 $4,174.50

Aero 41 T-bar

Weight: 20.00lb

Price: $4,174.50

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CNC machined from super strong & lightweight 7000 series aluminum, this t-bar features the longest strut Sky Ski has ever made.It can be ridden at either 39” or 41”. And that's just the beginning, the shape of the strut is a true "Aero" shape, and has absolutely NO drag at all. The leading edge of the strut is extremely dull & blunt, while the back half of the strut is cupped. This all new shape reduces drag, and makes it less susceptible to riding differently in different bodies of water. Also features a sleek, streamlined fuselage with a reduced keel, 5 hole front fuselage and a 4 hole rear fuselage for more adjustment moving your rear wing.

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