Sky Ski Aero 41 Foil Assembly 40-0510 Aero.. Product #: Sky Ski Aero 41 Foil Assembly based on 0 reviews Regular price: $4,785.00 $4,785.00

Aero 41 Foil Assembly

Weight: 15.00lb

Price: $4,785.00

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Sky Ski brings you the latest in technology & design, the RS Areo 41! This t-bar features the longest strut Sky Ski has ever made, it can be ridden at either 39” or 41”. And that's just the beginning of the innovation. The shape of the strut is a true "Aero" shape, and has absolutely NO drag at all. The RS Aero 41 foil comes with the Apex front wing for maximum “POP”, and the all new “Aero” rear wing.

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